généalogie familiale

Genealogist – Paleographer

It’s hard to face his future without knowing his pas !


Historian of formation (DEA, « history, society and culture »), member of the Chamber of Professional Genealogists since 2002, https://www.cgpro.org and partner of the APG, Association of Professional Genealogist, https://www.agpen.org

Specialized in family history, in general and that of the Huguenots in particular, carry out all your genealogical research, as well as all the documentary investigations in the different archives and libraries until the end of the 15th century. You have done your own research, you want to know more, my expertise in the field of archival research allows me to help you.

Actes & Co also performs all your palaeographic transcripts (transcription of ancient scriptures) for these periods.

My main research area, represents the former provinces of Flanders, Artois, Picardie and Hainaut is the departments of Nord, Pas-de-Calais, Somme, Aisne and Oise in Metropolitan France as well as Walloon and Flemish Belgium, however, the advanced research can lead me to travel throughout the metropolitan area



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