Estate genealogy

Estate genealogy is halfway between family genealogy and genealogy of succession.

The role of the estate genealogist

The role of the estate genealogist is to scrupulously establish the list of successive owners of a piece of land, a property, or a burial plot, using archives and written evidence.

The estate genealogist is able to identify the owner of a property as well as the owner of a burial plot. He will also be able to identify the changes that have taken place on these properties: division, extension, easement…

In order to carry out these missions, the estate genealogist, in addition to the civil status records which remain the starting point of a research, will use other archival sources, such as the cadastral archives, the mortgage archives or the archives of the registration.

Généalogie foncière Actes and Co Immobilier Concession funéraire

A land genealogy project?

Call on a estate genealogist to track down the history of your property.