Estimate & Conditions

Since your family is unique, each pedigree or descent search file is the subject of a personalized study. An estimate is always made after a telephone interview, mail or mail allowing me to apprehend your project from the elements in your possession and your knowledge already acquired.

Similarly, a quote for a palaeographic transcription will be made from a sample of the text, allowing me to assess the difficulty of the writing of the text.

You have a research project, a punctual problem in your own investigations, a text that causes you reading problems.

Payment methods
→ Check in euros payable in France
→ Bank transfer
→ Paypal

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Terms and conditions

All research commitments are made on the basis of a contract, including the quote (valid for 1 month from the date of issue) and conditions, accepted by the client and bearing his signature preceded by the words « good for agreement ».
This contract is governed by the Civil Code and the Consumer Code (articles L121-16 to L121-20-16) .
No research is triggered before the payment of a deposit determined according to the research. The client must provide proof of his relationship to the ancestor « starting point » searches. The results of the research are not released until the full payment has been received.
Payment is due even if the search has not been successful. The professional genealogist is bound by an obligation of means and the information relating to the research carried out is communicated in the summary report to which copies of the documents and documents found are annexed.