Family History


The story of your family, your business, a particular individual … arouses you in curiosity.

You have started your own research, but the maze of archives scares you where the documents are in a depot far from your home.

Acts & Co, lapped in archival research techniques, can carry out all the investigations within the departmental archives, the communal archives, the archives of the world of work as well as in all the libraries containing a patrimonial background.


Searches can focus on one or more domains

The notarial archives (Series E) contain all acts that may concern the life of an ancestor: Marriage contract, Sale, lease, inventory after death, will …

The military archives (Serie R) that it concerns the Empire, the First World War or the course of a soldier doing his military service, make it possible to find the military information of an individual.

The teaching archives (Series T) contain the files of the professionals of teaching as the documents relating to the pupils (baccalaureate …) without forgetting the documents inherent to the schools.

The archives of the justice (Series U) will allow to trace the judicial processes either for a correctional court, at the assizes but also the justice of peace regrouping among others the family councils for the appointment of the guardians of the orphaned children .

The Mortgage and Registration Archive (Q Series) are tax documents. These documents are very interesting to trace the history of your family or property. They allow to find the trace of a notarial act and the name of the notary, the declarations of inheritance etc …

Many other series of archives are communicable and searchable whether for the Ancien Régime, the revolutionary period or the modern period

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